I have always loved taking photos, and of course I love animals (& kids), as well as editing. This is my little way of combining all of my passions into one.

I adore taking photos with natural lighting, I do not currently do any studio photography. I’m based in Pretoria East, and will mostly do my shoots in the surrounding areas.

I love all animals, I have an especially soft spot for dogs and horses. I love my Astro-puppy & Isaac-pony, they mean the world to me. I have been around animals all my life, have loved them all my life, and I think that helps me to capture the truly special bonds between animal and their human(s).

I am also a sucker for lil ones, specially babies and toddlers, I love capturing their truthfulness and playfulness! I have found that you get the best kiddy photos by PLAYING and interacting, not just portrait shots! I prefer photos to not be posed, rather natural, spontaneous and real. Everyone, every animal is unique, and the memories are much more precious if they are real and FUN! My other passion besides this little project, is Occupational Therapy, which I am still currently studying, especially paediatrics.

My motto is that:
“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”
– and those are the moments I love to capture into a photo, a memory.



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