{Jansen van Rensburg Kids}



{Wepener Family}

These parents have the most beautiful & adorable little strawberry blonde girl I’ve ever seen, with the shyest, cutest smile ever.



2 & they are lucky enough to have another pretty girly on the way, can’t wait to see her!

{Pierre & Marlee}

The winners of a competition I was a sponsor in – such a fun shoot!

The kids came along and enjoyed giving instructions to their parents and seeing what they could get them to try out.


Lovely venue, lovely spring afternoon & lovely people overall!

{Halgryn Family}

After a last minute change of venue, we decided to go to Magnolia Dell for this family’s shoot. So happens it’s a more popular place among people than I expected!

12Halgryn Familie3

This is such a beautiful family, and these two sisters really love the camera (and the camera loves them too). A real joy to work with, and just gorgeous people in general!