Please contact me to make a booking. I will try to accommodate both our schedules as far as possible when suggesting dates and times, however I prefer early morning or late afternoon to make use of the best natural light.

Before the photoshoot day, I will ask you some questions about the people or pets involved, just to get a feel of what you are like and what sort of photos or props will work best. Feel free to ask me any questions about preparation for the day if you are unsure.

On the day

Please try to arrive 15min. before the scheduled time, this will give us some time to sort out administrative things and get comfortable. Before starting, you will be asked to sign a model release form – this is just a basic contract allowing me to use images containing you/your family’s faces in online and printed portfolios or advertisement.


I will get to work on processing and editing your memories as soon as possible, but please be patient. Once I have a few processed, I will try to post a sneak peek here on the blog to give you a little example. When I have finished this process, I will let you know and give you the option of order prints or other items of any photos, otherwise I will contact you and we will arrange how to get your disc with photos to you.

You will receive from me:

  • Photographs on CD for printing, which will not have any watermark on
  • Photographs on CD for online use (Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, e-mail, twitter, etc.), with a watermark which may not be removed or cropped out.
  • Print release form on CD, which will give you permission to print/reprint unlimited amounts of your photos, just not for any commercial purposes (as well as copy of model release if requested).
  • Gift voucher discount for next session booked – which you can use yourself or transfer to friends/family.

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